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ALPA embrocation – alcohol-containing herbal solution

alpa_60Alcohol-containing solution of natural plant essential oils, some of their content substances (menthol, linalool, neroli oil, etc.), but also of other aromatic substances

Use of the product: As a well-proven home care product it is suitable thanks to its efficient components

    • for mitigation of a number of unpleasant pains at joint and muscle rheumatism
    • at diseases from common cold and flu – put several drops of ALPA embrocation in tepid water and gargle
    • for inhalations – inhaling ethereal oils from ALPA embrocation brings relief to runny nose, flue, catarrh, cold, breathing troubles in smoky premises for relief from general tiredness after an extraordinary load of the organism
    • for extravasations, dislocations and impacts – wipe painful sites
    • after physical stress or sports performance
    • for disinfection of small abrasions and wounds
    • for reflection massages at rheumatic pains of muscles
    • as a refreshing additive to bath
    • after dilution with water for compresses
    • after dilution with water as a mouth wash
    • for mouth wash purposes – very effective at all mouth infections, at gum bleeding, mouth odours, loose teeth and periodontitis, breath refreshing and gargling
    • for skin treatment after shaving
    • after dilution with water as skin lotion
    • for removal of residuals of make ups, powders and creams - for additional cleansing of skin
    • at toothaches – drop ALPA embrocation on cotton wool and apply to the painful tooth
    • at headaches – drop ALPA embrocation on the back part of the skull, on temples and rub into the skin, in case of heavy pains it is possible to use a compress
    • at foot perspiration – foot bath in warm water with addition of ALPA embrocation
    • during car journeys – refreshing with the wiping of temples and the back part of the skull with several drops of ALPA embrocation
    • It is popular also for patients confined to bed for a long time - prevents bed sores from arising.

      60 ml , 160 ml, 1000 ml




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